Emotional Intelligence Tip Of The Month

Dear friends,

As the year starts, so does the implementation of those year-end resolutions!

We’ll do things different, we’ll make changes, and we’ll eventually become that transition figure,

That person who stops the transmission of negative behaviors to others.

And then, the routine comes back in, then twirl of mundane activities sucks us back into our spiral of work and behavior, and all the euphoria is gone.

And yet, everyone agrees that this year should be a good one. The stock markets are stable, the retail sentiment is oscillating towards a positive positioning, even the Auto industry, the big victim of last year’s crisis, is looking better.

Now how is it that we, should not be reflecting a little bit of that positively at our personal level and to the people immediately surrounding us.

In order to gain a few degrees of rectification in our direction, I would like to share with you a few ideas that might help you in your ability to influence people…. And keep in mind that if you influence them, eventually, they will come back to you. This is based on the Giver’s Gain principle.

Tip #1: Help people know they can accomplish more than they thought they could. Stand for what is possible not just in your organization, but also for each individual including low performers. Your belief in them will often change their minds.

Tip #2: Truly see people. Know what their joys in life are. Know what they hope for. Know what they think stands in their way. Do not let anyone feel invisible. All elements of the economical and social chain have a purpose and a value. Recognize it. Feeling visible inspires his dedication and achievement and sense of ownership.

Tip #3: When people come to you for advice, don’t give it to them right away. Discern what they know and fear first, and then discover the answers together. Being “the one who knows” stunts their growth. As head of department or organization, CEOs, managers, and supervisors can ask the right questions in the right contexts. This empowers coworkers, opening the door to greater productivity and creativity.

Tip #4: Forgive. What truly inspired a change I behavior after having taken a wrong turn is the ability to forgive. We are not here to dwell on failures, hesitation or passed history. Our mission is to make history. This required hope, not revenge.

As a leader, you are an example whether you are consciously choosing your behavior or not. Don’t let past transgressions and current fears dictate your behavior. Be clear about your mission, and then see the gifts each person brings to the table. People will follow you based on how you acknowledge and treat them. No matter how brilliant you are, you must show that you care about them to engage their commitment to you and your cause. You can do this if you remain the master of your brain, commandeering your emotions and your actions in the service of your vision.

With those few words, I would like to extend to you my warmest wishes for a Happy new decade. May it be truly amazing!

Dr. JP Bonnifay
CEO & Lead Consultant
HPI Sdn. Bhd.

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